Digital Copy Printer

Product Description

Model: 2015

Colors: White, Black

Tags: Digital Copy Printer

A Digital Copy Printer is a machine which incorporates the functionality of multiple devices in one.It provides centralized document management/distribution/ production in a large-office setting.It has the maxmimum print speed. It has a user-programmable sleep mode which puts the printer into low - power hibernation after a set period with no operation. It's also Energy Star-compliant,so it is assured of the highest levels of environmental performance.Operation is extremely economical,with the price of a single printed sheet little more than the cost of the paper.You also enjoy hands-clean opeartion with sealed ink catridges that just twist into place.Versatility comes from compatability with a wide range of paper weights and various step adjustment of paper feed pressure to match. A Digital Copy Printer is compatible with a wide range of applications. It has high resolution, USB connectivity to a PC. Whether you're a school, an office or a commercial operation such as a print shop, you'll find it's the ideal printer for all your your jobs. Best of all is the easy operation given by the large LED control panel, with dedicated buttons for each function allowing everybody to do beautiful printing with virtually no training.